“austistic neckbeard who means nothing to the world. Basically bat shit crazy, cousin marrying evangelist but for autism.’-

-The Minute Man

“Machialvellian sadist and psychopath”

-The Guardian

“Hell of an apologist for a high school dropout”

-Guy from a video game

About Mr. Atticus

I’m a fat jerk who talks too much about video games and sports.

Photographer, Lover (Not really), Fighter (I once punched a kid in 4th grade, so it counts), woodsman, carpenter, computer whiz, cook, I could go on for days, LITERALLY. What you need to know about me is this: I’m sort of pretentious, a bit of a dick, and a hell of a redneck.

About Danielatticus.com


Danielatticus.com is essentially a voyeuristic website for me to show off how great I am and all the thing’s that are interesting to me. Various links at the tip top of the page can take you to my social pages, so click those so it looks like I have real friends. Main page is usually something Alabama football related. Menu bar takes you to other parts of the site such as my web design, photography portfolio, and the various projects I’m working on.